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Assisting doctors procure latest medical equipment and technology to set up their healthcare centre

Assisting doctors procure latest medical equipment and technology to set up their healthcare centre

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Doctors Loan from My Mudra


Eligibility criteria for Doctors Loans:

The digital interface provided by all the lenders can help you understand whether you are eligible for a Doctors Loan or not. A suitable qualification is the most basic requirement to be eligible for this loan. The other conditions vary from lender to lender to avail of Doctors Loans.

Still, the standardized criteria cover the following points:

Must be an Indian citizen over 25 years of age

Suitable professional qualification degree and post qualification experience as under:

1. Medical Graduate:


2. Minimum 5 years post qualification experience.

2. Post Graduate and Super Specialists:

1. MD, MS, DM and MCH.

2. Post qualification experience not required.

3. Dentist:

1. BDS or MDS

2. Minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience

4. Homoeopathy Doctors:

1. BHMS and DHMS

2. Six years and 15 years post qualification experience respectively and owning a house or clinic.

5. Ayurvedic Doctors:


2. Six years of post-qualification experience and owning a house or clinic.

You must have proper registration from a regulatory authority for pursuing a medical practice in India. MCI or IMA are authorized to issue registrations to medical graduates

Minimum annual income must be at least INR XXX Lakh per annum

At My Mudra we practice minimal documentation to issue Doctors Loans. Only essential documents are required to check the borrower fulfils the criteria or not.

· KYC documents comprising of valid ID, Residence Proof, PAN card and Aadhar card

· IMA / MCI Registration Certificate or appropriate as per qualification

· Bank statements of the preceding six months

· ITR and statement of computation for the previous two years

· Form 16A of the last two years

· Details of any other loans availed of in the past or running currently

· Any other document sought by the lender

Fees and Charges applied for Doctors Loans:

At My Mudra we follow a standardized process to calculate fees and charges applied on Doctors Loans.

· Amount of loan – Higher amount attracts a lower interest rate at My Mudra

· Loan tenor – Longer the tenor, the lower is the interest

· CIBIL ranking – Low ranking will increase the rate of interest

· Balance sheet – Good margins have a positive effect

· Age of business – Longer periods draw discounted rates


How to improve your Doctors Loan from My Mudra Eligibility?

Follow these tips to improve your Doctors Loan from My Mudra Eligibility –

Get Rid of Debts

Maintain a good repayment history by paying off your existing loans and liabilities on time without defaulting

Maintain a good CIBIL Score

Try to build a CIBIL score above 750

Do not apply for multiple loans simultaneously

Apply for a loan that fits your needs, raising multiple loan applications can decrease your credit worthiness

Choose a longer loan tenure

Opt for a longer repayment tenure that will allow you to disburse the overall due amount over a longer time span. This will also help in reducing the EMI amount.

Add Co-applicants

A co-borrower (a spouse, or parent) with a good income and credit score will boost your eligibility for a bigger loan amount.


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